Elevating credible climate change information this World Environment Day

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Thursday, 3 June 2021

People around the world use Twitter to raise awareness about the climate crisis, organize for change in their communities, and connect with others passionate about protecting our planet. Ahead of World Environment Day, we’re partnering with organizations committed to tackling climate change and making it easier to find credible climate information from global experts. 

This week, we took additional steps to better serve the climate conversation happening across Twitter. We know that people use the service to find credible information during global crises. Starting this week, you can follow the Climate Change Topic to find personalized conversations about climate change, including Tweets from environmental and sustainability organizations, environmental activists, and scientists. These Tweets will appear right in your home timeline when you follow the Topic.

Addressing the climate emergency requires collaboration, community, and widespread mobilization. Through #AdsForGood grants, events, on-service support, and trainings, we’re partnering with organizations promoting and amplifying environmental conservation and sustainability. These include Earth Day Network, United Nations (UN) Environment Programme, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, UN Development Programme, Greenpeace, Voice for the Planet, Let Me Breathe, WWF,, FridaysForFuture, We Don’t Have Time, Climate Reality Project, and others.

We’ve also made new environmental commitments and expanded Twitter’s sustainability efforts. In partnership with the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), we’ve committed to significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, paving the way for our net-zero journey. 

We recognize that transparency and accountability should be central to our approach to sustainability. We’re excited about the SBTi pledge because it advances Twitter’s environmental efforts in a clear and measurable way. 

We’re committed to protecting the environment, reducing our carbon footprint, and using our service to make a positive difference in the world. We continue to work toward our goal of achieving 100% carbon-neutral power sourcing in our current data centers by the end of 2022. We’ve partnered with Cool Effect, a nonprofit organization that helps offset emissions from our data centers and employee travel, to fund green projects around the world. So far, 92% of our global offices have achieved the "Green Building Certified" standard, with more to come.

We’re mobilizing our workforce around the globe to participate and to make change at Twitter, but we know there’s more to do. That’s why, we’re ramping up our sustainability goals company-wide.

How can you participate?

We all have a part we can play in tackling this global crisis. From volunteering with an environmental organization in your community, to learning more about protecting our planet, there are lots of ways to get involved. Promote sustainable causes and ideas, advocate to your elected representatives, and join the conversation. Every little bit matters. We encourage you to Tweet along with the #WorldEnvironmentDay conversation happening on Twitter and follow the Climate Change Topic for more.



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