Twitter for Nonprofits program at NeighborNest

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Giving back to the community has played a significant role at Twitter. Last year the Twitter NeighborNest was born, providing a local space for direct impact. One of the programs that have been housed within the NeighborNest is Twitter for Nonprofits. It began as a workshop for our #FridayForGood day of service and quickly grew into an ongoing program. The high demand from nonprofit organizations to receive more training around Twitter, and the desire by Twitter employees to give back, created a space for a strong collaboration.

What is the goal of Twitter for Nonprofits? Ideally to use the power of the platform to amplify the voice of these local organizations. With the variety of challenges in the community and so many organizations working to make a difference, the Twitter for Nonprofit workshop aims to close the knowledge gap and really answer the question: How can a nonprofit leverage Twitter to spread its mission? With Twitter, the advertiser with the largest media budgets doesn’t always win. It’s about sharing engaging content and stories creatively to elevate your brand.

In addition to educating and sharing best practices with these local organizations, the workshops create a dynamic connection between Twitter employees and the change makers working tirelessly in our backyard.

Currently we have three levels of workshops: Twitter 101, 201 and a Capstone course where we cover topics ranging from content development to using the analytics tool. Since 2015, we have conducted a total of thirteen workshops with more than 80 organizations. The expansion of 201 and Capstone was a direct reflection of the desire for more education from nonprofits and the Twitter volunteers’ eagerness to continue teaching.

It has truly been a joint effort to grow the program to where it is today. After each session we ask the participating nonprofits for feedback that we distill into constructive tweaks and iterations to the course material. Additionally, the collaborative process allows for participating nonprofits to network amongst themselves and gain learnings from their peer organizations.

Twitter for Nonprofits has personally been one of the best parts parts of my Twitter journey. Not only does it present an opportunity to co-create with other colleagues and share our knowledge with the local community, but it creates a space to gain personal awareness and perspective. Whether it’s someone working at the local library, or an organization dedicated to ending hunger, every individual I’ve crossed paths with in these workshops has been an inspiration. People who dedicate their entire being to giving back — this leaves me in awe every time.

Not to mention, these workshops have introduced me to a diverse range of colleagues who care deeply about service and contributing to the local ecosystem. I feel proud to work for a company that honors our commitment to the community, that creates a tool to help change-makers spread their mission, and that allows for employees to be hands on in that learning journey.

So where do we go from here? More learning, more workshops, more connections. We hope to scale this same program to all cities around the country that have local Twitter offices. But most importantly, we hope it continues to be a collaborative process of growth and iteration, that allows for local nonprofits to feel empowered and to maximize their voice and their mission on Twitter.