Tweet #HappyChineseNewYear 2016 around the world

Monday, 1 February 2016

More than 1.3 billion Chinese people around the world will celebrate the Year of the Monkey on Feb. 8, 2016. As #ChineseNewYear preparations get underway, the global conversations about the holiday have also begun on Twitter.


#ChineseNewYear red packet emoji for good fortune
During the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner this weekend and throughout the #CNY2016 festive season, many of you will turn to Twitter to wish your families, friends, and colleagues a #HappyChineseNewYear. To add to the celebratory mood, we’ve created our first-ever #ChineseNewYear red packet (红包) emoji so you can send digital wishes of happiness and prosperity around the world. A red packet is a traditional gift given out during Chinese New Year to symbolize good fortune for the upcoming year.

Twitter Emoji Chinese New Year

This special emoji will appear when you include any of the following hashtags in your Tweets:


Traditional Chinese:

Simplified Chinese:

Bahasa Indonesian:

#ChineseNewYear horoscopes for fortune tips
Besides the red packet, another tradition is to check your fortune for the upcoming year, and Twitter has you covered here, too. Thanks to our partner @EChinanews, simply send a Tweet with your birth year followed by #CNYfortune and you’ll receive a reply with a Year of the Monkey fortune tip based on your Chinese zodiac sign. Then Retweet your fortune tip to start a conversation with your followers about your special horoscope.


@CCTV variety show with the Twitter Mirror
If you’ve ever wanted to see how #ChineseNewYear is celebrated by mainland Chinese stars, here’s your chance. The “#WebGala” (网络春晚 or “wang-luo-chun-wan”), is a pre-#CNY celebration program produced by mainland China’s national broadcaster @CCTV. This variety show will be aired on TV and web on the evening of Feb. 1, 2016 (Beijing time). Performers include well-known pop singers, TV and movie stars, and celebrities.

For the first time in mainland China, a Twitter Mirror will provide exclusive, behind-the-scenes moments with these Chinese celebrities to share about their special moments during the #WebGala as well as their #ChineseNewYear greetings to their global fans. Follow @CCTV now to catch all of the live action and Twitter Mirror content from the variety show tonight.


To get your celebration going, join the #CNY2016 conversation by Tweeting #HappyChineseNewYear wishes and red packet emojis, check your #CNYfortune via a Tweet, and catch the top moments of @CCTV’s pre-#CNY variety show in your Twitter timeline.

Here’s wishing you happiness, prosperity, and longevity in the #YearOfTheMonkey!