The Twitter Awards: recognizing those who #GoLive best

Monday, 11 April 2016

On our 10 year anniversary, we celebrated the creative and groundbreaking work our clients, partners, and agencies have created on Twitter. We’ve seen some incredible campaigns over the last decade and want to acknowledge those who continue to influence marketing on our platform.

Starting this year, the annual Twitter Awards will recognize and reward the most innovative Twitter Ads campaigns across seven key categories:

#Live: recognizes campaigns that best exemplify and bring to life Twitter’s live connection.

#Culture: ­recognizes campaigns that highlights the greatest global awareness, engagement, and cultural impact.

#Impact: recognizes thoughtful strategy, business-driven results, and strong campaign ROI.

#Creativity: recognizes creativity unique to Twitter through engaging campaigns, compelling ad formats, and new uses.

#Response: recognizes businesses that go above and beyond in customer service, participation, and valued customer connections through Twitter.

#Promote: recognizes Twitter’s registered Ads API partners, agencies, and developers who create and innovate in designing and building advertising tools.

#Growth: recognizes small businesses that use Twitter Ads to grow their presence and drive tangible business results.

Winners will receive an exclusive award, be recognized across Twitter’s digital properties, and have a permanent presence inside Twitter headquarters. The categories were selected based on Twitter’s key brand differentiators, and judges will be comprised from a panel of industry experts.

How to enter
If you’re an Ads API partner, or you’re building a technical product using Twitter Ads, you’re in luck. The #Promote awards submission site opens today and you can register now!

For those who wish to participate in the other categories, stay tuned for more information about how to submit your campaigns. Make sure to follow @TwitterAds and visit to learn more.