#Promote Ads API Challenge 2016: Announcing the Regional Finalists and Grand Prize Winner

Thursday, 22 September 2016

In April, we announced Twitter’s first Ads API innovation competition, #Promote. With #Promote, we were looking for the most innovative marketing tool built using the Twitter Ads API. The competition closed at the end of August and submissions from around the world far exceeded our expectations.

We think of the Ads API ecosystem as an extension of our own product team, helping solve advertiser challenges with creative solutions. Each of the solutions developed created opportunities for brands to powerfully #GoLive and engage our global audience. In order to qualify for #Promote, each tool had to be trialed with an advertiser to prove quantifiable success.

Based on the case studies and innovation that the products highlighted, 12 companies from around the globe presented the tools that they created utilizing Twitter’s Ads API at #Promote Demo Day. These tools ranged from cutting-edge audience targeting, to scalable auto-response solutions, to real-time synchronization with global sports events.

The quality of the applicants was stellar, but nonetheless, the panel of Twitter judges selected 4 regional finalists — each which received Twitter Ad credit — and the one grand prize #Promote winner, awarded $250,000 in cash.

EMEA #Promote Finalist and #Promote Grand Prize Winner

Comprendi helps advertisers increase the relevancy of their ads by delivering real time, dynamic ads triggered by the moments that matter to people on Twitter. Comprendi leverages natural language processing technology, GNIP data, and 3rd party external data to drive real incremental results for global advertisers.

APAC #Promote Finalist

By leveraging both offline and online real-time behavioral data, Dentsu’s tool provides cross-channel prospecting and retargeting of potential customers.

LATAM #Promote Finalist

Platform focused on real-time hyperlocal campaigns using geo-optimized audiences with Gnip data.

NORTH AMERICA #Promote Finalist

Omnivirt is enabling 360 VR video, both prerecorded & live. An extremely exciting VR capability to enhance the 360 brand experience on your mobile device.

We couldn’t be more excited to see the innovation that this competition inspired in the ecosystem. Thank you to everyone who created amazing technology on the Twitter Ads API and especially to the top 12 who presented at #Promote Demo Day!



North America


We can’t wait to get these tools in the hands of our advertisers. If you’re interested in working with any of the participants of Twitter’s first Ads API innovation competition, #Promote, email our team.