MoPub and Forensiq: partnering together to fight fraud in mobile in-app advertising

Thursday, 16 June 2016

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Forensiq (@Forensiq), an industry-leading platform for ad fraud detection. Our partnership seeks to heighten supply quality across the more than 45,000 mobile apps and over 450 billion monthly ad requests on MoPub Marketplace.

Mobile in-app programmatic advertising is the fastest growing segment of digital advertising. As consumers spend more time in mobile apps, and inventory grows exponentially, advertisers are looking to reach this audience on their mobile devices. In fact, we found that 115% more advertisers invested ad campaign dollars on MoPub Marketplace in Q4 2015 vs. Q4 2014. Along with this growth, marketers need assurance that industry leaders are working together to prevent fraud from deteriorating the quality of available ad supply and the effectiveness of their advertising dollars. Because fraud tends to follow money, it is paramount that companies take steps now to be proactive about monitoring, detecting, and mitigating any quality issues that could arise.

“As ad dollars continue to shift to mobile, it’s critical companies like MoPub and Forensiq work together to detect and mitigate fraud at scale. We want to give advertisers the confidence that mobile in-app is comprised of high quality supply — and we’re thrilled to have this partnership in place to ensure this.” - Janae McDonough, VP, MoPub at Twitter

We are excited to be working with Forensiq. As partners, Forensiq will provide deep analysis across the massive scale of MoPub’s exchange so MoPub can continue delivering high quality supply and confidence to buyers. Forensiq leverages machine learning, javascript tag analytics, and IP analysis, among other proactive measures, to detect even the most mature fraud techniques. Forensiq’s technology complements MoPub’s three prong approach to supply quality, which leverages internal processes, sophisticated products, and leading partnerships, to help ensure high-quality inventory for buyers in our exchange.

Forensiq excels at detecting fraud on mobile in many different ways. Working with MoPub allows us to scale our technology across a massive set of people, devices, and applications. This partnership is key for the rapid growth and adoption of mobile advertising to continue.” - David Sendroff, Founder & CEO of Forensiq

Supply quality is an ongoing priority for MoPub. We will continue to learn and evolve our various approaches to stay ahead of bad actors. This announcement comes on the heels of Forensiq’s acquisition by Impact Radius — a move that seeks to bolster Forensiq’s ability to innovate and execute. Learn more about how MoPub addresses supply quality here.