Gnip’s Engagement API is now generally available

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Last fall at our Flight developer conference, the beta release of our Engagement API generated a lot of interest from our customers and the clients they serve. After all, the Engagement API helps marketers fully capture and understand the ROI of their efforts on Twitter. Thanks to the continued testing and feedback from our beta customers, today we’re excited to announce the general availability of our Engagement API.

16 data points to measure content performance

The 16 data points instantly returned by the Engagement API — including true impression counts — are helping marketers improve their ROI on organic Twitter campaigns by providing accurate data on how content performs. Through solution providers who have integrated the Engagement API, marketers can now understand the reach of their Tweets across all their accounts. They can understand what content drives the highest engagement to improve their content creation process (both in real time and through historical analysis), as well as identify top performing Tweets they want to amplify through paid promotion

New features available

The Engagement API is now ready to support your performance measurement needs, and we’ve also added several new features requested by our beta customers. These include:

  • The /totals endpoint now returns aggregate likes, replies, and Retweets for any Tweet
  • The /totals endpoint also now returns aggregate impression and engagement counts for owned Tweets in the last 90 days
  • Improved error messaging to help with authentication and unavailable Tweets
A single source of data truth

One of the earliest adopters of the Engagement API, Simply Measured incorporated the new data throughout their core solutions because they felt that every one of their customers needed access to this new data. As the “single source of data truth” for content performance on Twitter, the Engagement API gives Simply Measured’s customers the additional confidence they needed to measure Twitter ROI alongside the impression and reach values already available from other social platforms and television advertisements.

Gnip’s Engagement API is now generally available

Image: Simply Measured’s Twitter Engagement Megaphone

All of our 1,000+ customers are now using real impressions and highly granular engagement data to more effectively optimize their content strategies on Twitter and measure campaign success.

Jordan Greene, Director of Product - Simply Measured
 Generate higher return on content

Another beta customer, LiftMetrix, has created a new premium Twitter analytics offering around the Engagement API data for their clients who want deeper and more actionable data points about their organic Tweet content. LiftMetrix integrated the Engagement API and the Twitter Ads API to help its clients more accurately measure ROI from both their organic and promoted Tweets. They work with brands to define their guiding business KPI’s, assign values via a point scoring system to those KPI’s, then measure the business impact and make recommendations for success on Twitter. One example of how LiftMetrix clients are benefiting from the Engagement API is with The Dodo, a top social publisher of engaging animal editorial and video content.

LiftMetrix’s access to the Engagement API helped us build a smarter video and editorial strategy on Twitter. This new granular engagement data, combined with LiftMetrix’s content recommendations, has led to a measurable lift for us and increased our focus on Twitter.

Kelly Burke, Head of Social - The Dodo

With LiftMetrix, The Dodo can now get actual metrics on their organic video views and link clicks. Using LiftMetrix’s content tagging system, LiftMetrix delivers them recommendations on what types of content generates the highest return on investment which aids in their content creation process.

Gnip’s Engagement API is now generally available

Image: LiftMetrix’s Recommendations Dashboard

Are you looking to replace “estimated” impression and engagement metrics in your current UI or interested in bringing an entirely new product to market to generate additional value for your customers? These are only a sampling of the many new applications now possible with today’s release of the Engagement API. To learn more about how this new engagement data can benefit your brand clients, reach out to your Gnip account manager or contact us at [email protected] today.