Follow every snap of the 2016 @CFBPlayoff #NationalChampionship on Twitter

Thursday, 7 January 2016

For Monday night’s #NationalChampionship, Twitter will take college football fans deeper than ever before, via unprecedented access from the teams, media outlets, and others.

The College Football Playoff will crown its national champion on Monday, with Alabama (@AlabamaFTBL) and Clemson (@ClemsonFB) battling for the top spot on @ESPN. Behind the scenes, Twitter will offer fans exclusive access before, during, and after the game to complement the primary broadcast coverage.

To build your excitement for the biggest game of the year, let’s recap how these teams got here.

The semifinals

Last week, fans watching the @OrangeBowl and @CottonBowlGame were treated to sideline access from @ESPN accounts throughout the game.

From the pre-game festivities…

To the live game action…

To the postgame celebration…

Teams joined in too. Between Media Week and the postgame, Alabama fans enjoyed content that only the official team account could give them:

So did Clemson fans:

The fun continued this week during Media Day, with @ClemsonFB players engaging fans via Twitter’s Q&A app. You can check out the entire Moment here.

How to follow the biggest game of the year

You can expect even more this coming Monday night from an array of organizations dedicating themselves to the #CFBPlayoff. Both Alabama and Clemson fans can follow their official team accounts and hashtags for the best team-specific access:

Further, people who Tweet out official team and game hashtags (#NationalChampionship, #CFP, #CFBPlayoff) will unlock special Twitter Emojis during the lead-up and aftermath of the big game:

From ESPN, look no further than these four accounts covering college football on Monday:

Finally, @SportsCenter will also engage with fans via #SCVote asking them to predict the winner of the #NationalChampionship, with the results revealed on-air before the game. For the semifinals, the show ran a successful Twitter vote (250,000 opinions!) – but predictions proved false for both:

Be sure to check out the @CFBPlayoff for official news and updates from the CFB organization and selection committee as well. Enjoy the game, and check back next week for the recap!