Effective campaigning and elevating alternative narratives with Italian NGOs

Friday, 25 November 2016

On the west side of Rome’s Monte Testaccio, a short walk from the bank of the Tiber, Twitter welcomed a variety of Italian NGOs and nonprofit organisations to a training session on effective campaigning and alternative narratives. Hosted in the co-working space of Latte Creative, we discussed the live power of Twitter to inform and educate, citing some compelling case studies such as #HeForShe, #PositionOfStrength and #NotInMyName.

We also talked about how Twitter’s policies and tools are continuously evolving as we seek to empower our users and ensure that the conversations on the platform, while sometimes passionate, are civil and constructive.

Many of the NGOs in attendance work on issues that animate public discourse in Italy. Be it hate speech, migration, corruption or journalistic standards, the NGO representatives were interested in how Twitter could be used to elevate the conversations around these topics to promote positive change. We encouraged participants to speak with a human voice, to inject personality into their content, and to make themselves heard in conversations around important events; whether spontaneously or planned.

For those NGOs who couldn’t join us in person, the session was streamed live on Periscope and we were delighted to see over 200 people joining the broadcast and participating in the discussion from across the country.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to a lively and interactive event.