Welcome to Twitter Data

Thursday, 9 July 2015

What’s possible when you know what the whole world is thinking about any topic at any time? Today we’re launching this new blog to showcase the power of Twitter data to help businesses, nonprofits, researchers and the public sector understand the world around them so they can have a greater impact.

Over time, here are a few of the main topics we’ll explore:

  • Research. From understanding public health trends to improving disaster response to uncovering societal insights, we’ll highlight the remarkable ways that academics and researchers are analyzing Twitter data. Hear from researchers in the trenches about what they’re learning from our data and how they’re formulating their findings into meaningful discovery.
  • Visualizations. Follow @TwitterData to see some of our data visualizations, and come here to learn the details behind these visualizations, how we created them and what they mean.
  • Data science guidance and insights. You’ll hear from our data scientists about their projects, how they develop ideas for analysis and best practices so you can work with Twitter data.
  • Enterprise-level. Twitter data is becoming a key element in critical business decisions across enterprise organizations. We’ll highlight some of the innovative ways companies are applying Twitter data to their strategy and operations.
  • The Twitter data ecosystem. The solutions made possible by the Twitter data ecosystem enable many of the applications we’ll showcase here. Look for announcements about new data products for the ecosystem and examples of new use cases, as well as updates about the Twitter Official Partner Program.

Be sure to keep up with everything related to Twitter data by following @TwitterData and @Gnip on Twitter. And if you’re interested in joining the Twitter Data team, check out our job openings.