Welcome to @Design

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

One of the nice things about designing a product that hundreds of millions of people rely on is that we get a *lot* of feedback – positive and, er, constructive – as new features are released. While we always shoot for experiences that make sense the moment you first see them, it’s not always clear why certain details landed the way they did.

For example, when we changed the design and functionality of your Twitter profile, you might have found yourself asking, why? What sort of considerations did we balance, and what was the design and research process that led to the finished product? What are the details and why were they chosen?

This is the place where our designers and researchers will answer some of these questions. Over the coming weeks and months, this is what you can expect to find here:

Feature teardowns: What went into designing new Twitter experiences and key decisions made along the way.

Research: Key findings from the research we conduct around the world that reveal how people use our service and other technologies.

Team operations: Our team is growing fast. The way we operate our studio may be helpful for you in considering how you run your design function or manage your own career.

Diversity and other important topics: We aim to run the most diverse and inclusive Design & Research team in the world, and we have strategies to share which can help the larger industry progress towards greater diversity in our field.

Fun stuff: We reserve the right to post crazy stuff from time to time.

Welcome to @Design

Photo courtesy of Paul Stamatiou for Twitter, Inc.

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