Use SnappyTV to share program highlights through Vine

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Today, @SnappyTV is pleased to offer a new feature that allows broadcasters to publish directly to @Vine, the video entertainment network where people share stories and trends go viral. Now, it’s easier than ever to highlight great moments with fans within minutes.

TV fans turn to Twitter when they’re watching their favorite shows and live events to join a rich social conversation that includes fan reactions, direct interactions with stars, and engaging content to complement their viewing.

SnappyTV makes it easy for networks to join the conversation by creating instant highlights with with high-quality video content, straight from the TV onto Twitter. Through SnappyTV, publishers can edit live video from a program into shareable snippets that are immediately posted on Twitter, Vine, and embedded elsewhere.

To previously distribute their content, publishers had to create Vines through their own editing tools after the broadcasts had aired. Now, SnappyTV editors can simply clip or edit up to 6.5 seconds or less of a program and publish directly to one or multiple Vine accounts. Whether the show is still on air or long after it’s over, people can relive big moments on Vine, as well as Twitter and other websites where Vines can be embedded — and loops are counted everywhere a Vine is viewed.

Over the past few months, we’ve received great feedback from publishers who were able to pilot the new feature. The posts they seamlessly shared on their channels reached their audiences in new ways, translating to new followers and millions of loops.

Here are a few examples from our beta partners:


At SummerSlam 2015, the @WWE used SnappyTV to create and share Vines capturing highlights from the broadcast, in near real time. Those loops were then distributed across Vine, Twitter, and embedded elsewhere on the web, receiving nearly 12 million loops. In addition, the WWE Vine channel amassed thousands of new followers, gaining more during #SummerSlam weekend than the entire rest of the month combined.


The @NBA used SnappyTV to cut Vines throughout their biggest event, the NBA Finals. These Vines were featured in a Custom Channel in the Vine App, and the 158 Vines created by @NBA generated over 68.5 million loops over the course of the event (with Vines like this leading the way). The @NBA account was able to gain a YoY 680% increase in engagement rate on Vine for the Finals, aided by the real time nature of the SnappyTV tool.


At the PGA Championship, the @PGATOUR was able to take their event account from around 6,000 loops to over 6 million with the use of the new feature. Amazing highlights from the broadcast — John Daly throwing his club into the water and the hoisting of the Wanamaker Trophy — were captured in high quality and shared in near real time.

The ever-changing media landscape offers broadcasters new ways to cultivate relationships with their fans and allow their best content to take on a life its own. Tools like SnappyTV leverage social to aggregate audiences, engage their fans and extend the life of their content — and now, they can easily can keep their fans entertained in 6 seconds or less.

To start creating Vine highlights through SnappyTV, contact your account team or email [email protected].