#Upfronts2015: Which Pilots Reigned on Twitter?

Friday, 15 May 2015

During the Upfronts this past week, TV stars and executives flocked to New York City to share their fall TV schedules with advertisers and the industry at large. As the presentations and after parties unfolded, Twitter offered a real-time play-by-play of all the events around the city, colored with updates from celebrities, insiders and fans.

While Twitter allows folks to follow along with moments as they happen, it can also present forward-looking decision makers with an opportunity to determine potential winners for next season.

Promotion spend is the most significant lever used to launch a successful show, but research has shown Twitter can also be an early indicator of what shows will attract large audiences before they hit the air. As broadcast networks formally introduced their pilots to advertisers, we tracked how the conversation unfolded on Twitter from May 11 to May 14.

Here are the shows that generated the most buzz for each broadcast network, along with some relevant Tweets.

ABC: The Muppets (@TheMuppetsABC)

CBS: Supergirl (@supergirlcbs)

FOX: Scream Queens (@ScreamQueens)

NBC: Heroes Reborn (@heroes)

The CW: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (@TheCW_Legends)

Looking forward, the fall TV season is a crucial moment for networks to cultivate loyal audiences as they identify and prioritize potential winners. Not only does Twitter give millions of TV fans a unique opportunity to engage with their favorite shows, but it also can help networks gauge future successes.