Growth in the Twitter data ecosystem

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The first half of 2015 has been an incredible period of growth for the ecosystem of partners building products and services on top of Twitter’s data. That growth is driven by the proven ability of organizations to get incredible insight into their businesses by learning from Twitter data.

We’re not the only ones seeing this growth. If you look at where the money is flowing, companies in the Twitter data ecosystem have raised almost $400 million at very healthy valuations, with @Dataminr  valued at $700 million and @Sprinklr valued at over $1 billion.

Twitter is a performative tripwire for events that happen around the world.

Ted Bailey @Dataminr

This level of investment is helping fund ongoing development of new solutions. For example, @Spredfast launched Intelligence in April, making it easy for any brand in the world to better understand and improve their campaign performance. In addition, @BrandWatch created geotagged maps allowing for companies to see where and what people are saying about their brands. And @NetBase made it possible to have industry-specific sentiment analysis. All of these product changes are creating better products for brands to find the right Tweet, create better content and drive better measurements of campaigns.

This growth is also happening outside of North America. We’re seeing companies such as @Flowics, @Scup and @Socialmetrix lead the way in Latin America, NTT Data (@NTTDATAAmericas) and @NRI_Official do incredible things in Asia, and @FalconSocial, @Talkwalker and @Synthesio innovate in Europe. These are just a few of many innovative companies developing solutions with Twitter data, and we’re actively looking to grow our ecosystem all over the world.

We’re also doubling down on our investment in the ecosystem. Recently, we launched the Twitter Official Partner Program, making it easier than ever before for brands to connect with the right partner. We’re also growing our internal team to better support our ecosystem, increasing our developer support resources and adding partnership leads and ecosystem managers to help scale our work internationally. Having a bigger team allows us to go out and spend more time with our partners face-to-face. This year, we held our first meetup in Buenos Aires, were part of Twitter Flock in São Paulo, talked social data in London, gathered our partners together at SXSW and are still planning more events for the rest of the year.

This increased investment is helping us work more closely with our partners in the ecosystem and they’re seeing the benefits. From Networked Insights to Simply Measured to Crimson Hexagon, ecosystem partners are highlighting the new opportunities created by working closely with Twitter to better meet their customers’ needs.

With Twitter’s support, we’ve expanded the use of Twitter data well beyond simple social listening and now help brands inform the full spectrum of marketing including audience segmentation, content development, campaign management, and brand health to connect with their opportunity audience.

Dan Neely @NetInsights

We’ll be sharing more case studies and success stories on our new data blog, so if you have a great story about the impact of Twitter data, please let us know by Tweeting to @Gnip.