The power of now: everyday fashion

Friday, 11 September 2015

With New York Fashion Week (@nyfw) happening this week, we want to share some insights about Twitter data, fashion and the power of now. There are an enormous number of conversations on Twitter every day, creating endless opportunities for fashion brands to join the conversation. This is the power of now.

One of the most iconic fashion moments of the year was #thedress, where viewers passionately argued whether a dress was black and blue or white and gold. (Spoiler alert: the dress is black and blue). By exploring our data, we saw that #thedress received 303,000 Tweets per hour, which is a large amount of Tweets about a single dress.

Tracking Tweets about #thedress

We decided to look at how #thedress compared to Tweets about the overall fashion world. During a 26-day period, we found 67.8 million Tweets about everyday fashion terms vs. 4.8 million Tweets about #thedress. To arrive at this number, we tracked 163 terms about fashion and beauty, ranging in terms from Louis Vuitton to Old Navy. This shows the power of now; everyday there are thousands of conversations on fashion happening that brands can be joining.

Twitter traffic for #thedress

During the most recent London Fashion Week, @Topshop led the pack in highlighting the power of now by using Twitter data. Topshop created a billboard showing the top fashion trends coming out of LFW that viewers could purchase right away. By working with Twitter ecosystem company Stackla, Topshop encourage viewers to Tweet the trends to Topshop, and then immediately could shop the trends on Topshop. Topshop launched these billboards in six key British cities including London, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow; all within close walking distance to Topshops.

Topshop billboard using Twitter data during Fashion Week

(Photo courtesy of Stackla)

To further understand how people talk about Twitter, look no further than ecosystem companies doing their own fashion analysis. Twitter Official Program Partner  Talkwalker found that people love to talk about budget brands (who doesn’t love a bargain?). By doing country analysis, Talkwalker found that European countries are more apt to focus on budget brands while Japan is more honed in on luxury brands. You can check out more insights on their social media insights for retail page and their recent post on NYFW.

Talkwalker analyzes brands and countries

You can also check out past posts on fashion week to see what conversations are typically happening around fashion. In a post earlier this year from BrandWatch, they ask “Who’s running the runway? We look behind the data at NYFW.” High-end British department store Harvey Nichols also talks about the importance of social listening to understand trends and find new customers in this case study with Falcon Social.

To see all of the fashion events happening with Twitter, check out this blog post, and keep an eye on @TwitterData for the latest @NYFW Fashion Week data visualizations.