The New England @Patriots #SB49 win plays out on Twitter

Monday, 2 February 2015

The thrilling New England @Patriots 28-24 win over the Seattle @Seahawks unfolded on @SNFonNBC. From kickoff to the interception by Malcolm Butler (@Mac_BZ) in the final minute, @NFL fans joined the conversation at the biggest virtual sports bar in the world, via the #SB49 timeline.

The results

All night, the conversation around #SB49 dominated Twitter. Over 28.4 million global Tweets containing terms related to the game and halftime show were sent during the live telecast (from kickoff through 30 minutes after the clock expired). #SB49 was the most Tweeted @SuperBowl ever, surpassing last year’s game.

Twitter conversation related to the game was all over the map, too. Click the image below to see how the game played out on Twitter with our interactive map:

The New England @Patriots #SB49 win plays out on Twitter

Here are moments that generated the biggest peaks of Twitter conversation, measured in Tweets per minute, during the live telecast:

  1. Malcolm Butler (@Mac_BZ) intercepts a pass by Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) 1 yard from the goal line with 20 seconds left in the game: 395,000 TPM
  2. @Patriots defeat @Seahawks to become #SB49 champions: 379,000 TPM
  3. End of @KatyPerry’s halftime performance: 284,000 TPM

These were the most-mentioned @Patriots players players on Twitter during the live telecast of #SB49:

  1. Tom Brady
  2. Rob Gronkowski (@RobGronkowski)
  3. Julian Edelman (@Edelman11)

Check out more Tweets here from New England players.

And these were the most-mentioned @Seahawks players on Twitter:

  1. Marshawn Lynch (@MoneyLynch)
  2. Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson)
  3. Chris Matthews (@TheRealCMaTT13)

Find more Seattle player Tweets here.

With help from Draft Kings (@DraftKings), Ford (@FordTrucks), Pizza Hut (@pizzahut), and Disney (@DisneyPictures), passionate fans didn’t miss a top replay during #SB49. Check out these gems:

NFL players joined in on the convo too:

As did athletes from other sports:

And here are Tweets from celebs who joined in on the #SB49 virtual sports bar during the game:

Check out a larger sampling of game-related Tweets (in chronological order) from the teams and players, the @NFL, and of course celebrity fans, in this collection:

The halftime show (8:10-8:25pm EST) featuring @katyperry, @LennyKravitz and @MissyElliott lit up Twitter as well, generating over 3 million Tweets. Check out our @TwitterMusic collection of halftime show Tweets from musicians and celebs:

It wouldn’t be a @SuperBowl without conversation-starting commercials. Like in years past, brands took to Twitter to join in on the conversation.

For more stats about the ads that ran during #SB49, including the results of our #TopSpot program (@TopSpot), tomorrow on our Twitter Advertising Blog.