Testing Promoted Moments

Friday, 23 October 2015

Starting this weekend, we’ll begin testing a new native ad format with selected brand partners in the US. It’s called Promoted Moments.

Two weeks ago, Moments launched as a new experience that brings the best of Twitter front and center. There have already been some incredible stories told through this new format:

We’re seeing how powerful this experience can be for diving into meaningful narratives — and since Twitter’s inception, brands have told some of the very best stories on the platform.

Promoted Moments, like all of our ad products, will look and feel just like all other Moments — except they’ll be authored by a brand and be featured in the Moments guide for 24 hours, with a Promoted badge.

The first Promoted Moment will go live this Sunday, with the movie “Creed,” an MGM, Warner Bros., and New Line Cinema presentation. Over the next couple of months, you’ll see more examples from all kinds of brands across many different business verticals. We’re excited to see how fun, informative, and entertaining stories from brands come to life within Moments.

Testing Promoted Moments

An example of how the “Creed” Promoted Moment will look within the Moments guide and expanded

This is the first step in exploring how brands could integrate into Moments. Check out the first Promoted Moments over the next few weeks, and let us know what you think via @TwitterAds.