Switching your login credentials on TweetDeck

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

If you still use your original TweetDeck credentials to log in to TweetDeck, the time has come to make a change. By March 31, we will retire these credentials and all users will need to log in to TweetDeck with their Twitter account.

Does this affect me?
If you currently log in with an email address and password, this will affect you. If you’ve been logging in with a Twitter account, nothing will change and there’s no need for you to do anything different.

What are the advantages of logging in with Twitter?
A major benefit of this migration is safety and security. Logging in with Twitter is secure since Twitter accounts have the ability to enable login verification. Using your Twitter login also allows you to take advantage of our new teams feature, which means you can delegate access to an account without sharing the password. You’ll have fewer passwords to remember and everyone on the team gets access to the shared account by logging in with their own Twitter username and password.

What will change when I switch my login credentials?
Nothing changes other than the credentials you use to log in. You can retain all of the Twitter accounts and columns associated with your TweetDeck account. You can also still add multiple Twitter accounts to your TweetDeck and all the functionality you currently have will remain unchanged.

How do I make the switch?
Migration is fast and easy. When you log in to TweetDeck in the coming days, you will see a message that encourages you to switch over. Click Switch on the banner at the top of the screen and follow the instructions.

After March 31, you’ll no longer be able to log in to, or use, your old-style TweetDeck account. We strongly suggest you migrate today in order to not lose your accounts and column set-up. Remember: your entire set-up will stay the same. The only thing that changes is how you log in!

Update: users on web, Chrome and Windows will need to switch their login by March 31. Mac to follow soon.