Supporting the global CoderDojo movement

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Twitter wouldn’t be the communications platform it is today if not for our incredible team of engineers. Their skill and enthusiasm is born from a love of developing great code, and it’s that same skill and passion that @CoderDojo strives to foster in its clubs all over the world. For this reason, Twitter welcomed the opportunity to support their latest campaign, #PowerfulPlay.

#PowerfulPlay centers on the playful notion that “kids who can code have superpowers.” This tagline emphasizes that learning to code is an important and powerful skill for the next generation of digital creators. The campaign encourages people to set up new Dojos in their area. It also seeks to recruit new mentors for already-existing clubs that rely on adults generously volunteering their time and expertise.

Twitter and CoderDojo launched an Ads for Good campaign that rolled out across the UK, Australia, France, Sweden and the United States to great success.

Sample promoted “Superpowers” Tweet:

Sample promoted Tweet:

Sample promoted Tweet in French:

Sample promoted Tweet in Swedish:

Now a global community of free programming clubs for young people between the ages of 7 and 17, CoderDojo sessions run on a weekly basis. These sessions give children the opportunity to learn how to develop computer code, websites, apps, programs, games, digital media, all while exploring technology in a relaxed and friendly environment.

As of January 2015, there were over 600+ Dojos across 55+ countries. However, it was in Cork, Ireland that the organization was founded three and a half years ago. Since that day at the National Software Centre in July 2011, CoderDojo has truly gone viral and become a global phenomenon.

As the world’s digital public space, Twitter can carry the message of CoderDojo across continents, helping it to take root in towns and cities where children don’t have anywhere to go if they want to learn this most practical of languages.

CoderDojo is educating the next generation of engineers and Twitter is proud to help spread the word.