Social data meetups in December and January

Monday, 30 November 2015

We believe that social data has enormous value and nearly limitless application. Because we’re always looking for ways to encourage creativity around social data, we’ve found that getting people together who are working on applying social data to a range of different challenges is a powerful way to unlock this creativity. In-person meetups can lead to amazing moments of serendipity when people connect with each other over a shared interest.

We’re co-sponsoring a series of social data meetups taking place in several cities around the world, and are excited about the great lineup we have during December and January. They will bring together people with a variety of expertise — software developers, academics, data scientists, brands, marketers, political junkies, non-profits — to talk about how they’re applying social data in new and transformative ways.

The meetups are free and open to all, so check out the details here and register quickly — they always fill up!

What social data is telling marketers this holiday season
London, Dec. 7 at Twitter London

Join us at TwitterUK as we look at how social data gives us useful signals during the holiday season. Guests from SocialBro, W2OGroup, the Centre for Science and Policy and IBM will be discussing what the trends in social data are telling us and how they went about identifying these trends.

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Social data in the fashion industry: detecting the trends
New York City, Dec. 16 at Bitly

Join us at Bitly HQ in New York City to learn about how social data is being used to identify trends in the fast-moving world of fashion. Speakers from Gilt, Brandwatch and Bitly will all take a look at this fascinating topic from their unique points of view.

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The coming election in social data
Washington, D.C., Dec. 17 at iStrategy Labs

Data analytics are critical to any election campaign. As we move into the heart of the 2016 US presidential election, this meetup will focus on how social data is being using by the parties and candidates. Join us at iStrategy Labs, where speakers will explore the trends they are seeing, how social data is feeding into critical applications, and how insights from social data will change the election landscape in 2016.

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Social data and the non-profit
San Francisco, Jan. 7 at Brandwatch

For non-profits, social media has become a lifeline for building momentum and awareness for purpose — as well as driving action. Join us in the New Year at Brandwatch in San Francisco to learn how non-profits are going beyond social media strategies and leveraging social data and analytics to not only drive their purpose, but to leverage as part of their missions in new and creative ways.

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We’ll be sponsoring more meetups like these in the New Year and if you have a topic you’d like to see, or want to host a meetup in your city, contact Randy Almond with the details.