MoPub video ad spend grows 243% in 2014

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Since MoPub introduced video ads on MoPub Marketplace nearly two years ago, many companies have declared 2015 to be the “year of video ads” with U.S. programmatic video advertising spend estimated to hit $3.8 billion in 2016. However, for mobile app publishers, this only rings true when there is real revenue to support these claims.

We’ve seen amazing results from video ads on MoPub’s platform this year:

  • Spend for video advertising on MoPub Marketplace grew by over 244% from January 2014 to December 2014
  • Among demand partners on MoPub Marketplace, there are 50+ partners actively buying video inventory, representing 5X the number of partners in January 2014
  • Publishers increased their inventory available for video on MoPub Marketplace by 6X between January and December 2014
  • Video ads were able to run on over 41% of all fullscreen inventory in December 2014, up from 20% of all fullscreen inventory in January 2014
  • Video ads have continued to outperform fullscreen interstitials. In the fourth quarter of 2014, MoPub’s video ads earned eCPMs 29.5% greater than non-video interstitials as noted in our 2014 Q4 MoPub Marketplace Report

MoPub’s video platform has made publishers millions in revenue from video ads. Premium game developer SEGA is successfully monetizing with video ads across their award-winning portfolio of apps.

MoPub video ad spend grows 243% in 2014

Example of a video ad in SEGA’s Crazy Taxi City Rush mobile app. Image used with permission of SEGA.

“When it comes to monetizing with video, SEGA needs a flexible platform to help us maximize the yield and revenue potential” said Mike Evans, VP of Digital Marketing at SEGA. “MoPub is our partner of choice, they’ve empowered us with the tools to manage video ads from dozens of direct advertisers, their Marketplace, and network partners; helping us to exceed our ad revenue targets.”

A Battle-Tested Mobile Video Ads Solution:

Thousands of publishers have used MoPub’s Video Ads Solution over the past two years to tap into this growing revenue opportunity. Like banners or other ad formats, our platform provides a full suite of controls to let you maximize revenue from networks, programmatic advertisers, and direct partners while customizing your ad experience for your inventory.

Why publishers choose MoPub’s Video Ads Solution:

  • Powerful video ad serving controls let you prioritize direct ad partners for select inventory and gives you advanced features such as targeting and budgeting
  • Video-only controls let you choose if the user receives a video, a regular fullscreen image ad, or both from MoPub Marketplace, providing more control over how you balance the user experience and revenue opportunities
  • Reliable network mediation and price-based competition with demand partners on MoPub Marketplace ensure that you’re maximizing video ad revenue, no matter what the ad source

More Exciting Innovations To Come

We’re continuing to invest in video ad monetization, including our latest innovation in network mediation: rewarded video ads. Rewarded video ads allow publishers to reward users for watching a video with some form of in-game virtual reward (i.e., gold, coins, power-ups) and is distributed to the user after a successful video completion.

We look forward to providing publishers with yet another way to earn more ad revenue from networks. To participate in the private beta for rewarded video ad network mediation, existing MoPub clients can contact your account manager or [email protected].

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about the MoPub Ads Video Solution and our overall platform.

(The information contained herein is based on internal data and data from a third-party that we do not control, so could be subject to errors and omissions.)

This post was originally posted on the MoPub blog.