Mexico City: a thriving market for the social ecosystem

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Since expanding our operations in with the launch of our office in Mexico City this past July, we wanted to highlight the rich analytics ecosystem rapidly growing with us.

Three companies in Mexico City — Sinnia, Sentisis and Karma Pulse — are helping businesses realize the value of Twitter data. With the rapid growth of social media adoption in Mexico City, businesses are eager to understand what customers are saying about them on Twitter.

Sinnia, the first Latin American organization to integrate Full Archive Search and longtime Gnip API customer, has experienced this evolution firsthand. Integrating historical Twitter data was a strategic move for CEO Guillermo Garduno (@memogarduno), one with an eye towards the vast potential that social data has in the market.

Analyzing past events with Twitter data will help businesses, humanitarian organizations, financial institutions, researchers, salespeople, and many others do better in the future. Having access to Twitter’s Full Archive Search allows us to analyze hundreds of billions of comments, giving us the power to listen to what hundreds of millions of people have said since 2006. Marketers will understand how to engage their audiences, analyzing what they were talking about at any time. Corporate communicators, press officers, and editors will communicate better when they understand how past news and press releases performed. Richer information will enable our customers to make better decisions based on the biggest available public forum.

Guillermo GardunoCEO of Sinnia

The size and breadth of data that Garduno references offer an exciting opportunity for Mexican entrepreneurs to build creative solutions that assign value to the unstructured data.

Jorge Peñalva (@jorgempenalva), CEO of the Spanish language processing platform Sentisis, has found a rewarding market in Mexico City thanks to Twitter. Peñalva explained: “In 2015, the growth has been astonishing [in Mexico]; digital marketing budgets keep rising and therefore marketers need reliable analytics for the Spanish language. At Sentisis, we focus on the context of the Mexican-Spanish language and its different implications. Brands have realized that Twitter is a great way to connect and understand their consumers.”

The focus isn’t just on serving large, global brands either. As all businesses become increasingly more dependent on these social insights, the Mexican ecosystem continues to grow to serve their needs. Karma Pulse is building tools to specifically service the SMB market in Mexico.

Andres Mesa (@amesaz), Product Manager of Karma Pulse, explains: “In Mexico, Pymes (SMBs) play a fundamental role in in the business and economic growth of the country. We want to empower small and medium sized enterprises by making powerful, localized analytics tools available to them. We take analyzing social data beyond the numbers to create true experiences for our customers.”

The ecosystem is thriving, brands are demanding more data-driven solutions, and users keep Tweeting. As Garduno says, “It’s a great time to do business in Mexico.”

To learn more about integrating Twitter Data into your business, please contact [email protected].