Introducing partner audiences

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Today, we’re excited to announce partner audiences, a new way for advertisers to reach new and potential customers from audiences created by our Marketing Platform Partners.

With partner audiences, you can now target Twitter Ads to users who have shown powerful signals of intent off of Twitter — helping you drive the highest possible ROI with your advertising campaigns. For example, by using a partner to provide the desired audience, an auto brand can connect with audiences that are in-market for a new car. A CPG company can reach customers that have previously purchased products in their category. And luxury brands can limit campaigns to shoppers who earn a household income above a certain threshold.

These partner audiences can also be combined with look-alike targeting, giving you the ability to expand the reach of your campaigns to people who have interests similar to those in your partner audience. In addition, you have the option to exclude partner audiences from your campaigns, if you only want to target customers who haven’t purchased a category or brand in the past.

Selecting and targeting partner audiences
Today, you can select more than 1,000 partner audiences from Acxiom and Datalogix directly in the Twitter Ads UI. Adding partner audiences to your campaigns is easy. The partner audiences are located in a new section of your campaign creation page called behaviors. Simply select a category and sub-category, and then select one or more partner audiences.

Introducing partner audiences

Success in early testing
Over the last few months, we’ve heard how targeting partner audiences has helped brands connect with the right people on Twitter.

Nestle’s @Butterfinger leveraged partner audiences for the launch of its new product, Butterfinger Cup Minis. By targeting Promoted Tweets to Twitter users who frequently purchase peanut butter candy in grocery stores, convenience stores and other in-store destinations, @Butterfinger achieved a 52% lift in engagement rate compared to Nestle’s overall performance in 2014.

Introducing partner audiences

“Utilizing partner audiences allowed us to take our targeting to the next level, reaching precisely the right audience at the right time. We can’t be more pleased with the results.” Birgitta Westphal, Digital Marketing Strategist, Nestlé USA

 User privacy choices

As we continue to make Twitter Ads more useful to marketers by driving relevancy to users, we will also continue to provide simple and meaningful privacy choices to our users. Twitter users can simply uncheck the box in their privacy settings next to “Tailor ads based on information shared by ad partners,” and Twitter will not match their accounts to information shared by ads partners to tailor ads for them. We also have a minimum audience size for all tailored audiences to avoid overly specific targeting. Our Help Center has more information about users’ privacy settings.

Get started
Partner audiences are now available to advertisers running campaigns in the U.S., including through our Ads API partners. To get started, login to or visit our help center to learn more.