Introducing new audience insights for brands

Thursday, 2 July 2015

We’re pleased to announce new enhancements to the audience insights dashboard. Starting today, advertisers can access key insights about the people they reach with ad campaigns and through tailored audiences. These aggregated insights, provided by Twitter data and Twitter Official Partners Datalogix and Acxiom, offer valuable information about user demographics, interests, purchasing behavior and more. They allow marketers to pinpoint and target new audiences on Twitter while keeping user information private.

We’re also introducing personas, a new way to quickly learn about relevant groups of users and then target them in campaigns with a single click.

Introducing new audience insights for brands

Campaign insights
Campaign insights help you better understand who you’re reaching with your ad campaigns. Within your campaign dashboard, you can simply click “View audience insights” to learn more about your paid audience, and then use this information to optimize your targeting and ad content.

You can also easily compare insights between your reached and engaged audiences. Your reached audience are users who are viewing your campaign; your engaged audience includes users who are actively engaging (replying, favoriting and Retweeting) with your ads.

If you have conversion tracking enabled, campaign insights will tell you more about the users who have converted in the past. You can even compare insights between your reached and converted audiences to identify new ways to connect with an audience that is most likely to convert.

Introducing new audience insights for brands

Tailored audience insights
Now, you can also access powerful insights about the users in your tailored audiences. For example, you can learn more about people who have visited your website, customers from your CRM database, or those who have taken certain actions within your app, such as an install, purchase or sign-up.

Introducing new audience insights for brands

Introducing personas
With personas, you can easily learn about specific audiences on Twitter — such as parents, millennials or small business decision-makers — and then target them in a new campaign with just one click, directly from your audience insights dashboard. You also have the option to add additional targeting types to refine your audience. For example, if you want to reach millennials who are using iOS, you can simply select “millennials,” and then choose “iOS” as a mobile platform to discover more about this specific group of users.

Introducing new audience insights for brands

Introducing new audience insights for brands

Success with advertisers

Over the last few months, we’ve heard from advertisers across multiple industries about how these new insights have helped brands more effectively understand and connect with the right people on Twitter:

The addition of Twitter audience insights has given us a new layer of data that enhances our existing reports and opened up new opportunities. The data provided acts as further validation of the follower-base we’ve been able to build, while the flexibility of the dashboard gives us a look into how well our content is resonating with our desired audiences. The tool is a nice addition to our arsenal, providing not only audience insights but influencing future content creation and promotion. I am excited to see how this new tool continues to evolve and what else is in store for Twitter Analytics in the near future

Justin UngerManager, Strategy and Analysis, Starcom

As advertisers, the more we know about our initial intended audience, the better equipped we are to target them. With the breadth of information available through Twitter’s audience insights, we can now target our audience in a more indirect manner. This allows us to not only learn more about why they interact with our content but if we are truly targeting our desired audience. Audience insights also allows us to make better creative recommendations based on the behaviors of engaged audiences in the past (for similar campaign initiatives). Overall, this is one of Twitter’s greatest additions to the advertising side of the platform.

Shatara Geter Social Advertising Strategist, Resolution Media 

We found this to be a useful and insightful tool which helped us discern what sports our clients were interested in and what devices they were using. This greatly improved our targeting capability for our paid campaigns.

Niall CaseySocial Media Advertising Analyst, Paddy Power (@PaddyPower)

Twitter’s new audience insights tool gives us a deeper understanding of our audience, enabling us to serve the most relevant content both on-air and online.

Sam PeasleyDirector of Digital Media, 100.3 THE SOUND (@TheSoundLA)

When developing audience insights, privacy was a key priority for us. All information is aggregated, derived from Twitter data sources and matched from our Twitter Official Partners. This lets advertisers see aggregated insights while keeping user information private.

Get started
Campaign and tailored audience insights are now available to all Twitter advertisers globally. Personas can be accessed within the U.S., with plans to roll this out more broadly. To get started, log in to and select ‘Audience insights’ from the ‘Analytics’ menu, or log in to and choose ‘Followers.’ To create a Twitter Ads account, visit today.