#Influencer voices: How @BeekeeperGroup uses Twitter to shape the conversation about national issues

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Washington, D.C.-based public affairs firm @BeekeeperGroup uses Twitter to shape the national dialogue and engage with key influencers on major policy issues.

“One of the most used words and biggest challenges here in Washington is authenticity, and so we help our clients find a voice on Twitter,” says Shana Glickfield (@dcconcierge), founding partner at Beekeeper Group.

Issue advocacy campaigns are most effective when they have both a direct line into key stakeholders and a platform to rally people who support their cause. Twitter, a public channel where anyone can have a voice, fulfills both needs. A single Tweet has the potential to instantly shape our thinking and even our action on national issues.

Glickfield points out that Twitter is crucial for her clients because it records history as it happens.

Twitter is like looking at a first draft of history, especially when you’re thinking about policy and legislation.

Shana Glickfield@dcconicergefounding partner, @BeekeeperGroup