How Twitter drives sales: seven facts about holiday tech shoppers on Twitter

Monday, 7 December 2015

This holiday season, Grandma wants a tablet, Dad is hoping for an Ultra 4K HD TV, and the kids are coveting tech wearables, drones, and 3D printers. Many of these tech consumers — and their savvy Santas — are turning to Twitter to research, discuss, and fulfill their wish lists.

People are increasingly tapping into social media to find the latest trends and deals, and using their smartphones to shop in short bursts. Whether customers are strolling store aisles, scanning retail websites, or simply waiting for the subway, Twitter’s live, public and mobile nature makes it the ideal shopping aid.

We see a blizzard of holiday shopping activity on Twitter every year, and research shows that this buzz is directly correlated with sales. During the 2014 holiday shopping period, purchase conversation on Twitter paralleled sales for items such as laptops and wearables.* Furthermore, most consumers (61%) say Twitter impacts their holiday purchase decisions more than television, magazines, and other online platforms.**

Not yet convinced that Twitter is a prime way to reach holiday tech shoppers? Here are seven more insights about how shoppers are using Twitter to navigate the holiday purchase process.

1. Twitter shoppers ♥ brands.

2. They’re eager for new tech.

 3. They’re big spenders.

 4. They shop smart.

5. They ♥ wireless.

6. Twitter ads prompt shoppers to purchase.***

 7. Twitter users influence sales.

 *The NPD Group, Oct - Dec 2014

**Google, Ogilvy, and TNS, June 2014

***MarketShare Partners, 2015