Get behind the scenes at the 7th Summit of the Americas with Twitter

Monday, 6 April 2015

This week (April 8-12), the heads of state and representatives of 26 nations of Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States will meet in Panama City to participate in the Summit of the Americas (La Cumbre de las Americas) to discuss social, economic and political issues important to the region. And Twitter will bring you right to the center of activities.

This year’s summit, the seventh in a series, is also noteworthy for marking the first time the heads of the United States and Cuba will attend simultaneously, and are likely have a face-to-face meeting. This is the first such encounter for the two governments in the history of the summit.

Reporters, political analysts, commentators and citizens around the world will be closely following the week’s developments and Twitter will help to capture the action. Here are just a few ways to watch or jump into the conversation.

Who to follow

President Varela is not the only head of state who may take to Twitter to offer a backstage pass; President Obama may remark on the proceedings, as may Brazil’s president Dilma (@dilmabr), Argentina’s, Cristina Kirchner or any one of the leaders who are attending. Be sure to following any of these accounts to gain an inside look into the conference:

Get behind the scenes with Twitter Mirror

Tweets with images convey even more of the action than just words: you may catch a glimpse of Colombia’s President Manuel Santos (@JuanManSantos) or Mexico’s Enrique Peña Nieto (@EPN) via a Twitter Mirror, which is on location at key spots around the Panama City conference venues.

Catch the proceedings through the official Twitter accounts

Our official accounts that cover the region will provide on-the-scene observations in Panama City for the entire week. Get updates featuring the best Vines, images and Periscopes, and discover the top five Tweets and topics shared throughout the day on these accounts: @TwitterLatAm, @Twitter_es, @TwitterBrasil and @Policy and follow the conversation with the conference hashtag, #cumbrepanama.

We look forward to seeing you there!