Bring your app to life with the Video App Card

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Starting today, advertisers can now use the power of video to promote their mobile apps on Twitter.

With the Video App Card, you can:

  • Attract higher quality app installs: The Video App Card shows people a preview of your app, resulting in a more educated — and more qualified - user. In beta, we saw that this highly engaging format helped some advertisers nearly triple their conversion rate from app click to install (Source: Twitter internal data).
  • Captivate your audience: The Video App Card autoplays in timelines, giving you an opportunity to engage your audience with attention-grabbing content at all points throughout their day.
  • Connect with users in a format that they consume frequently on Twitter:  Recent research shows that 82% of Twitter users watch videos on Twitter, and 90% of video views on Twitter are on mobile devices.
  • Leverage our unique targeting capabilities: You can use our entire suite of targeting tools, including interest, keyword, device, location, and tailored audiences to ensure that you’re reaching the people most likely to be interested in your app, at just the right time.

Advertiser success
Over the last few months, we’ve heard from our advertisers about how the Video App Card has helped them drive higher quality mobile app installs, revenue per user, and retention:

Social discovery app LOVOO (@LOVOO) saw a significant boost in their in-app conversions and retention rate:

We found the Video App Card to be one of the most effective ways to give prospective app installers a rich preview of our app experience. The Video App Card informs users of what to expect from our application before they download, which has led to higher quality installs, has boosted our retention rate and has increased the lifetime value of installed users. With Video App Card, we have seen an ROI increase of more than +10% vs. other mobile app promotion campaigns we have run on Twitter.

Lorenzo RossiPerformance Marketing Manager, LOVOO

Scopely (@scopely) used the Video App Card to promote their hit game, “The Walking Dead: Road to Survival”, which generated over 4 million downloads in its first week and marks the 6th consecutive #1 game for Scopely:

Scopely leveraged Twitter’s audience targeting capabilities to connect with not only a core audience of gamers, but also to find heavily engaged Walking Dead fans with custom targeting. We developed very high-quality video creative for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, and Twitter was a great platform to leverage that creative content. Players were able to experience a rich preview of our game prior to installing, and players from Video App Card cost over 20% less to acquire while monetizing over 20% better.

Eric MaDirector of User Acquisition, Scopely

Game studio MiHoYo (@miHoYo) used Video App Card when promoting their title, “Houkai Gakuen”. As a result of using the Video App Card, our conversion rate increased by 3x while our cost per install decreased by approximately 40%. After seeing return on ad spend improve by 3x, we plan to increase our investment in mobile app promotion on Twitter.

Sishuo LiCEO, miHoYo Inc.

Get started
The Video App Card is now available globally to all advertisers running mobile app promotion campaigns on Twitter. To get started, go to or visit our Help Center to learn more.