Welcoming TapCommerce to the flock

Monday, 30 June 2014

Since the announcement of our acquisition of MoPub last September, we’ve been laying out our vision for how advertising across the mobile ecosystem can work better for marketers, app developers, and (most importantly) users.

In the intervening nine months, we’ve made some great progress: bringing MoPub and Twitter advertising closer together through the Twitter Publisher Network, creating a standard for programmatic native advertising, acquiring Namo Media to increase the sophistication of our native ad capabilities, and introducing mediation for native ad networks, to name a few things. We’ve also made tremendous progress with our advertising solutions for mobile app marketers on Twitter properties — earlier today, we announced the general availability of our mobile app promotion suite to enable advertisers to drive a large volume of cost-effective app installs by reaching users directly in the Twitter timeline.

We’re now excited to announce one more important piece of this vision: we’ve agreed to acquire TapCommerce, a leader in mobile retargeting and re-engagement advertising. Consumers are starting to use their phones not just to install and use apps, but for making purchases of both virtual and real-world products and services. Advertisers spend aggressively to get new users, but re-activating existing or previous users can provide just as attractive a return on investment. Programmatic buying is increasingly the method of choice for advertisers and brands who want to buy in mobile, because it allows for more granular targeting and messaging.

Together with the TapCommerce team, Twitter will be able to offer mobile app marketers more robust capabilities for app re-engagement, tools and managed service solutions for real-time programmatic buying, and better measurement capabilities. Combined with our other ad solutions, advertisers will be able to drive conversions and ROI with mobile consumers on and off of Twitter, across the full user lifecycle — from acquiring new users through app installs, to engaging existing users who already have the advertisers’ apps on their device. And if you’re an everyday mobile user, we expect this will mean better and more relevant ads in the apps you use.

TapCommerce enables real-time programmatic mobile ad buying across multiple exchanges reaching over 50,000 apps, and this announcement doesn’t change that — they’ll continue to offer cross-exchange buying access, partner support, and API availability to deliver scale to their advertising clients. By the same token, MoPub will continue to work with multiple demand partners through the MoPub Marketplace and will continue to provide the same open and neutral access to the ad space as they have always done.

Check out TapCommerce’s blog post for more about what this means for their services.

We’ll have more to share in the coming months, but we’re incredibly excited about what’s ahead in this space. Stay tuned!