The Billboard Trending 140: Sept. 15-22

Monday, 29 September 2014

@JLo’s newest track featuring @IGGYAZALEA, “Booty”, knocked out big names like @onedirection, @5SOS and @NICKIMINAJ to secure the #1 spot for overall top track of the week. This comes after the video exploded onto the scene, with over 40 million views to date.

@JLo released a 15-second teaser on Twitter, giving the video an extra boost after the premiere.

This week saw several new names join the popular debuts chart, starting with @flyinglotus, who entered for the first time by reaching #1 with “Coronus, The Terminator.” The other new additions include @_Danielmartin_ with “Mi Teatro” at #2, @YelaWolf with “Til It’s Gone” at #5, and @MaryJBlige with her song “Whole Damn Year” at #8. @YelaWolf’s track was premiered on @SonsOfAnarchy during that time period, raising awareness and driving excitement.

Released over a year ago (Aug. 12, 2013), @JohnLegend’s third single “All Of Me” is still going strong, coming in at #8 on the overall popular charts. Legend is currently on his #AllOfMe tour in Asia, and the excitement remains at an all-time high.

Even though @ChrisBrown’s new album “X” was released on Sept. 15, the song that entered the Popular debuts wasn’t from his new album. Instead, it was his rendition of @SchoolBoyQ’s “Studio” with @BigBoy that brought Chris to #7!

Emerging artists shine
@Kiesza is now in the top 3 of the overall Emerging Top 10 for the eighth straight week. Her song “Hideaway” was featured on iTunes for $0.69 during this time period, and remains on top of everyone’s minds.

As far as emerging artists go, this was the week of of @OGMaco, who not only took the #1 spot on the Emerging overall charts with “U Guessed It,” but also held the top two spots on the Emerging debuts, with “U Guessed It” at #1, and “Want More” at #2. The video for “U Guessed It” has over two million views to date!

@Hozier, whose debut album is set for U.S. release in October, has reached 7 weeks in a row on the top 10 Emerging chart with “Take Me To Church” at #4 and “Do I Wanna Know” at #6. His album, which was released in his home country of Ireland during this time period, is already certified platinum after only one week.

Music videos matter
@JLo and @IGGYAZALEA get two mentions for the same song in this week’s blog because the video was that powerful as a driver for “Booty.” The video exploded onto the scene, and although it didn’t break @NICKIMINAJ’s record for most views in a 24-hour period with her song “Anaconda” (at #4 on the overall popular charts this week), it’s impact, chatter and view count were enormous. Music videos matter, and the #1 spot for “Booty” on the charts is a prime example of that.

Four of the top 10 songs on the overall Popular charts have videos with over 100 million views, and four have over 20 million views to date. Of the two tracks not breaking these thresholds, the music video for “Jealous” by @NickJonas was released just last week and @OneDirection’s video for “Steal My Girl” isn’t out yet.