The Billboard Trending 140: Oct. 27-Nov. 4

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Leave it to music video maestros @OKGo to unseat @OneDirection’s “Steal My Girl” from the #3 position on the Trending 140. The band released their newest video masterpiece “I Won’t Let You Down” on Oct. 27. Segues into Segways proved to be quite popular.

If you’re wondering who had the most mentioned song of the week, it wasn’t @OneDirection either. Vine stars Jack & Jack (@JackandJackreal) nabbed that position with “Wildlife,” a song they released back in August that found new legs (pun intended) thanks to an official video release out on Halloween.

Don’t feel too sorry for the @OneDirection lads, though. “Night Changes” is the #2 most popular track and “Steal My Girl” is also in position at #4.

Scottish producer @CalvinHarris released his new album “Motion” on Halloween, with singles “Outside” featuring @EllieGoulding and “Open Wide” with @BigSean hitting the top 10 in the Trending 140.

@kendricklamar’s official music video for “i” came out on Tuesday, Nov. 3 and held the #1 spot on the Trending 140 all day.

Also on Tuesday, the new @FifthHarmony song “Sledgehammer” reached #1 on the Trending 140, with @NickJonas hot on their heels in the #2 position thanks to his remix of “Jealous” featuring @Tinashe.

The Emerging Chart’s top track of the week goes to catchy electronic track “Runaway (U&I)” from @WeAreGalantis. The #2 spot goes to Sheppard (@WeAreSheppard) for “Geronimo” and the #3 track is “Rollercoaster” by Bleachers (@bleachersmusic).

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