The Billboard Trending 140: July 8-15

Friday, 18 July 2014

After a decade of quietly writing hit songs for other pop artists like @Rihanna and @KatyPerry, @Sia has her very own #1 record this week.

This news is no surprise as @Sia’s “Chandelier” and “Eye of the Needle” have dominated the Popular Chart for weeks. Also out now is @Jason_Mraz’s “Yes” with lead single “Love Someone” in the top 20 Popular Chart tracks.

Other notable chart trends in the last seven days include a new @KirkoBangz track “Rich” featuring @AugustAlsina which hit #1 on the Trending 140 on Monday.

After four number one positions on the Trending 140 — first with a teaser clip, then the cover reveal, along with the release of the single and full video, “BO$$” by @FifthHarmony hit #1 for a fifth time (appropriate, right?).

@MAEJORALI rocketed to the top spot with “Me and My Team.” @Wale released “The Followers” and @1future put out “Rock Star” featuring @NickiMinaj.

Emerging artists shine
Aussie and entertaining tweeter @ChetFaker debuted on top of the Twitter Emerging Chart with “Gold,” thanks in part to a re-work from @flumemusic.

The @Ansolo_Music remix of @PierceFulton’s “Runaway” put the young EDM star in top position. Pierce plays the massive Belgium festival @Tomorrowland for the first time this month - good luck@PierceFulton! Fun fact - Ansolo is better known as @AnselElgort, star of the film “The Fault in Our Stars.”

Music videos matter
The video for Naughy @naughtyboymusic “Home” came out on June 18 but buzz for the song put it in the #1 most-popular song of last week on the Billboard Trending 140.

Fresh off his tour with @ScHoolboyQ, @AudioPush released the video for “Parade” and the track climbed to #1 on the Emerging Chart.