The all-new "Twitter Government and Elections Handbook"

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Every day, politicians and government officials all over the world use Twitter to connect with constituents in creative ways that enrich public discourse.

Whether it be snapping a family selfie backstage at a debate or announcing a run for office, each Tweet demystifies the political process and personalities by letting followers learn a little more than was possible before.

Through these small, easy interactions, public servants and their constituents regain some meaningful contact — and it can be done from anywhere.

Drawing on lessons learned from campaigns and government agencies across the U.S. and around the world, our Government and Elections Team compiled a handbook designed to help you tap into the power of Twitter to connect with your constituents, explained for beginner and expert alike.

In this handbook, you’ll find:

  • Content strategies. Discover new and innovative strategies to grow your Twitter presence and engagement rate, including step-by-step instructions on how to execute a Twitter Q&A and how to make the best use of photos and video.
  • Advanced Twitter tools. Maximize the impact of your account by integrating Twitter into your events and leveraging the full suite of Twitter tools such as TweetDeck, Twitter for websites and mobile notifications.
  • Twitter basics. Brush up on the fundamentals to set up and build a secure and effective account for your elected official, campaign, agency or initiative.

Whether you read this guide cover-to-cover or use the handy checklists to jump to the most immediate needs, we hope you come away with fresh inspiration for meaningful civic dialogue and some new techniques for listening to and mobilizing your constituents.

Be among the first to discover this new resource and download your copy of the “Twitter Government and Elections Handbook” today.