"Pretty Little Liars" holds pretty big live-tweeting event

Monday, 24 March 2014

Last Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars” (@ABCFpll) live-tweeting session was anything but “pretty little.”

Twelve cast members and three executive producers took part in a massive live-tweeting event during ABC Family’s spring finale on March 18.

Fans were encouraged to include #PLL in their Tweets to join the conversation, and to tweet #PLLChat to ask questions to the cast. The live-tweeting helped fuel 1.45 million Tweets, seen 63.45 million times by 6.29 million people, according to the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings (NTTR) from Nielsen SocialGuide (@Social_Guide). The show account @ABCFpll gained 21,267 new followers on Tuesday, more than 3 times as many new followers as the average for days with new episodes in 2014.

Generating more than a million Tweets is no easy feat. The team at ABC Family expertly incorporate these tactics to amplify the show’s buzz:

Pre-show awareness

Promote the event

@ABCFpll announced that the entire cast would be live-tweeting the East Coast broadcast of the season finale, tweeting the news several times throughout the day Tuesday.

Keep the #PLL conversation going

The dialogue around “Pretty Little Liars” started well before the episode. Rather, the show was the talk of Twitter throughout the day. The show’s stars were on “Good Morning America” (@GMA) and “The View” (@theviewtv) that morning, which @ABCFpll had people tweeting about with the hashtags #PLLonGMA and #PLLonTheView

@ABCFpll gave fans the opportunity to add a “Pretty Little Liars” twist to their Twitter profile picture. The account also teased spoilers in the finale, announcing that a character would die a few hours before the broadcast.

The show also had fans warmed up on Twitter and ready to chat with the cast — and watch the finale — with the #PLL conversation during the marathon@ABCFamily was broadcasting leading up to the finale.

Live-tweeting the finale

The 15 cast members and producers tweeted throughout the hour-long episode. They commented on the events of the episode and as well as the live-tweeting event itself.

Engaging with fans

They invited fans to join in the fun and chat with them using #PLLchat. The stars answered questions…

…and also asked open-ended questions to start a dialogue with their fans:

Interacting with each other

It wasn’t just fans that the actors and producers were tweeting with — they also connected with one another. They replied to each other’s Tweets…

… and took photos together.

Keep the conversation going

The tweeting did not end with the episode. @ABCFpll kept the conversation going by encouraging fan engagement.

They also encouraged fans to join in on the fun with this Tweet, which asks fans to tweet their reaction to the episode in a photo.

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