Our partnership with Compass Family Services

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Nearly two years ago, we committed to our new neighborhood in the mid-Market Street corridor, which is close by a low-income urban community called the Tenderloin. Now we’re collaborating with Compass Family Services, a nearby neighbor that helps lift San Francisco families out of homelessness and poverty through a variety of programs.

There are numerous organizations doing incredible work in our neighborhood and city that support and assist local residents. Compass may be the oldest of these, as it’s been operating here for 100 years. But far from being mired in the past, @compasssf is a forward-thinking organization that aims to teach local families the digital skills necessary to succeed in the modern world — for job searches, homework and basic research. As Erica Kisch, the executive director of Compass, has noted: “To make it in the world today, just to make it through school, you need these skills.”

Helping families in need gain 21st century skills.

Access to technology and information is vital for modern life — and yet nearly one-third of Americans don’t have high-speed Internet in their homes. For this reason, we are pleased to support Compass and its families by developing a family-friendly computer and learning center. Called the Twitter Neighborhood Nest, this will be a physical location in the neighborhood with access to technology for children and their parents.

There will be computers and Internet access, with educational programming for kids and job support and skill training for parents. #TheNest will be used by other organizations too, but Compass is our first anchor partner. Each year, 3,500 children and parents take advantage of Compass’ housing, education and employment services; 95% of families in Compass housing programs do not go back to shelters.

At the Compass Centennial Gala last night, our CEO Dick Costolo announced the plan:

We anticipate that #TheNest will open in the summer of 2015. As part of a multi-year partnership, Twitter is also providing Compass with technology for their organization overall.

We’ll share more details about the space and programming as we move forward. We’re excited for all that lies ahead.