Opposite Worlds collide on Twitter with @SyFy

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Starting tonight, the past and future will collide in the present on Twitter with SyFy’s new reality show Opposite Worlds.

Contestants will be divided into two teams: one living in a futuristic environment, and one living in a recreation of the past. Each week, you and other viewers will watch the past and future teams go head-to-head. In an extra panoptic twist, the teams will be able to watch each other’s every move through the glass wall that divides them. In the present, viewers will be able to influence the fate of the contestants and content of the show in real time, via Twitter.

The Wednesday episodes air live, so you can weigh in using the hashtag #oppositeworlds, and your opinions will directly influence the weekly challenge.

On-air prompts will ask you to tweet your opinions on each player, using the player’s name and the hashtag #OppositeWorlds. @Syfy enlisted Georgetown University researcher Kalev H. Leetaru to create the Twitter Popularity Index, a customized analysis of the #OppositeWorlds Twitter conversation in real time each week. Dr. Leetaru’s Index is based on measurements of the volume of Tweets about a given contestant, as well as an assessment of the Tweets’ sentiment.

From his research of all the viewer Tweets, the most popular contestant will get a special leg up on the competition and the least popular contestant will be given a disadvantage. In other words: your Tweets will shape the game, and players will need your Tweets to win.

Opposite Worlds premieres tonight on SyFy, with live episodes airing every Wednesday for the next six weeks. Follow @syfyoppworlds and use #oppositeworlds to join the conversation and to take part in shaping the outcome of the past, future and present.