Now available: Hispanic TV conversation targeting

Friday, 14 March 2014

In light of the adoption we have seen with TV conversation targeting for English- language television shows in the U.S., we’re expanding this feature for Spanish- language television in the U.S.

Available immediately, Hispanic TV conversation targeting works just like TV conversation targeting, which we announced in November. By using Twitter’s conversation mapping technology, networks and brands can now connect with Twitter users who have engaged with specific Spanish-language television programs.

Hispanic TV conversation targeting gives advertisers a way to join the conversation around high-engagement Spanish-language TV shows like the recent Premio Lo Nuestro Awards on Univision in order to engage with Hispanic users in a way that’s unique to the Twitter platform.

The variety of use cases for this new feature are supported by insights gathered from our recent Hispanic User Profile Study, which includes quantitative research conducted by DB5 and qualitative research conducted by Ahzul.

The study was based on a 10-minute online survey of Hispanic Twitter users who access Twitter weekly, conducted in the U.S. with 810 respondents with varying levels of acculturation. Here are three key findings, based on the behaviors of Hispanics on Twitter, which highlight the opportunity that Hispanic TV conversation targeting offers advertisers.

1. Hispanics are tweeting in both English and in Spanish.

Our research revealed Hispanic users maintain a strong connection to their native language and culture. This is apparent in their media consumption habits, 71% consume media in a combination of languages. When it comes to Twitter, 43% of U.S. Hispanics surveyed tweet in both English and Spanish. The new TV conversation targeting capability takes into account the language preferences of Hispanic users.

2. Hispanics use Twitter to enhance their TV experience.

A considerable majority, 73%, of Hispanics say they like reading what others are saying on Twitter about the TV shows they’re watching. 63% percent said they like to tweet their comments about what they see on TV, and more than half — 58% — tweet to vote or enter contests while watching programs.

Now available: Hispanic TV conversation targeting

The survey also revealed Hispanics use Twitter as a tool for TV discovery. Six out of 10 Hispanic users have discovered or learned about a new TV show because of Twitter. This is great news for TV networks who can now target users engaging with specific shows and at moments of high engagement with the platform.

3. Hispanics who interact with brands on Twitter are more likely to purchase based on what they saw.

In addition to being highly engaged with TV programming, the research shows Hispanic users are also engaging with brands. In fact, 81% of Hispanic users said that they follow at least one brand on Twitter.

Of those who follow brands, 60% have purchased something based on what they saw on Twitter. 73% of those who have retweeted a brand have made a purchase based on what they saw, and 66% of those who have tweeted at a brand, have made a purchase based on what they saw.

Now available: Hispanic TV conversation targeting

When it comes to TV, 63% of Hispanic users said they search for hashtags from TV shows and ads to see what people are saying. With Hispanic TV conversation targeting, advertisers can now more easily reach users exposed to brand sponsorships and other TV tie-ins for an additional touch point or message expansion.

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