Nickelodeon's ‘most epic selfie moment ever’

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

For the Nickelodeon (@NickelodeonTV) Kids’ Choice Awards, the secret to success involved slime and selfies. The show saw record-high levels of engagement, thanks to the ways they allowed fans at home to take part in the activities happening inside the theater.

The show generated 2.1 million Tweets seen 52.5 million times by 6.8 million people in the U.S. according to the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings (NTTR) from Nielsen Social (@NielsenSocial). What made the show so slime-tastic was engagement from fans and stars alike. Each user tweeting about the Kids’ Choice Awards averaged 7.93 Tweets about the show, by far the highest of any award show this year.

This custom timeline highlights some of the best Tweets and Vine videos from the evening:

Here is what Nickelodeon did to fuel those engagement levels:

3… 2… 1… Selfie!

Introduced as “the most epic selfie moment ever” by stars @TiaMowry and @DebbyRyan, audience members, both in the arena and watching on TV, took selfie photos at the same time during the show. The two stars asked everyone in the arena — and those at home too — to stand up, take out phones, take a selfie at the same time and tag it with the hashtag #KCASelfie.

The integration allowed the audience to play along with the talent, and celebrate and join the conversation with other fans. By the end of the East Coast broadcast, the hashtag had been used 43,000 times on Twitter.

The Kids’ Choice Awards selfie idea even made its way under the sea with this group selfie from a few familiar friends:

Posing for the Twitter Mirror

There was a Twitter Mirror backstage, capturing the stars behind the scenes and sending out the photos along with the show hashtag #KCA. “Glee” star Lea Michele (@msleamichele) was among the many celebrities who posed for a mirror picture.

Singer @AustinMahone also got in on the action, even autographing his Twitter Mirror photo with some green slime.

360 videos on the Orange Carpet

A Vine 360 Booth captured stars and fans alike on the Orange Carpet. @NickelodeonTV tweeted out the 6-second clips.

@NickelodeonTV strung together a collection of Vine videos for a 360 montage.

Voting via Twitter

In the weeks leading up to the awards, Nickelodeon encouraged fans to cast their vote on Twitter for some of the categories. All fans needed to do was tweet #KCA with the nominee’s appropriate hashtag. In addition, fans tweeted Vine videos to earn the title of “#1 Fan Army.”

You can read more about both initiatives here.

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