More functionality for scheduled Tweets

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Scheduled Tweets is one of our most popular features. Today we’re starting to release updates that give you the ability to schedule Tweets with images and have better visibility for shared accounts. The new features are available now on the web, Windows and Chrome versions of TweetDeck, and are coming soon to the Mac app.

To add an image to a scheduled Tweet:

  • Compose your Tweet
  • Select Schedule Tweet
  • Choose your image
  • Pick a time in the future for the Tweet to send
  • Click “Tweet”

And now when you schedule a Tweet on a shared account, other people who also manage that account can see the Tweet that you have scheduled and make changes.

You can also add a Scheduled Tweets column to keep track of what you have in the queue. Do this by selecting “Add column” and choose “Scheduled.”

Perhaps most important, we’ve unified Twitter’s scheduling systems so that for the first time, Tweets scheduled through TweetDeck will be visible on and vice versa, ensuring you are always in the picture as to which content is being scheduled.

More functionality for scheduled Tweets