Looking ahead to the MTV Movie Awards

Friday, 11 April 2014

This Sunday, some of the brightest stars in showbiz will gather at the Nokia Theater in L.A. for a night of celebratory fun at the always-entertaining @MTV Movie Awards. While they’re vying for a coveted Golden Popcorn award, you can follow along on Twitter as celebs bring you closer to all the action.

Grab your own golden bucket of popcorn and tune in on April 13 at 9 p.m. ET for the awards.

But even before the show on Sunday, @ConanOBrien is offering a glimpse into what it takes to host:

Twitter Mirror
Follow @MTV during the show to see candid backstage shots of your favorites through the Twitter Mirror. For a sneak peek, follow @MTVPress, which offers up an early look at the show’s set design:

Twitter voting
Join other viewers and fans on Twitter to influence the outcome of the show. You’ll be able to vote via Twitter hashtag or in a polling card directly within a Tweet from @MTV to determine which stunt the “Movie Awards Rebel Correspondent” should perform next. The winning action will then play out on TV in real time.

You can also vote via hashtag for the “Favorite Character” category on Vine and Twitter. The best photos and videos, plus real-time results, will be posted on revlon.mtv.com.

Who to follow
Enjoy all of the action on Twitter this Sunday before, during and after the show. Use the hashtag #MovieAwards and keep an eye out for Tweets from these presenters, nominees and performers: