@JohnKerry mixes sport and diplomacy

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

It took a year, but Secretary of State @JohnKerry is back on Twitter.

After becoming secretary, Kerry and staff started using @StateDept, with personal Tweets signed with his initials. Now, the original @JohnKerry is also back at it, using his own account for global diplomacy, providing updates on meetings with world leaders.

But he doesn’t limit himself to that; he was quite engaged with #Sochi2014 too:

He shared his favorite part of the opening ceremony, interesting anecdotes, and even suggested a #TeamUSA replacement.

@JohnKerry showed his humorous side with a Tweet to @sethmeyers ahead of the premiere of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

It’s not as if the @StateDept account has lost steam with its principal tweeting from his own account. In fact, that account has continued its upward trajectory, showing the benefit to an organization or agency of having its leader’s account amplify the department’s work and showing the leader’s personality.

@StateDept’s daily average of new followers has increased 26% since @JohnKerry started tweeting again.

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