Introducing the website tag for remarketing

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

In December, we announced the web approach to tailored audiences to give advertisers the ability to connect with recent website visitors on Twitter across desktop and mobile. Now comes the website tag for remarketing, which makes it easy to create tailored audiences directly from your Twitter Ads UI.

All advertisers will continue to have the option to create tailored audiences through one of our Marketing Platform Partners.

Starting today, advertisers who have already created a snippet of code (a tag) for conversion tracking can use it for website remarketing. If you haven’t obtained this tag yet, it’s easy to generate one in your Twitter Ads UI and use it to target Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to users who have already shown interest in your brand by visiting your website.

Suppose a surf shop wants to use Twitter Ads to grow its follower base and drive website traffic and conversions. The shop wants to show its ads to surfing enthusiasts who have recently visited its website. Once the shop places a website tag, Twitter can match users who visited that site to Twitter accounts using a browser cookie ID. This lets the shop show matched users Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts, resulting in a relevant, high-quality message to the user.

As with other tailored audience features, you’ll continue to see performance data that shows how many users saw or clicked on an ad, without identifying who saw it or clicked on it. You can also use tailored audiences in conjunction with our other measurement and creative tools, like the Website Card and conversion tracking. For instance, you could use all three to reach users who have visited your website, drive quality traffic, and track the entire customer journey, from initial visit through to conversion.

Introducing the website tag for remarketing

Over the last several months, we’ve seen positive results from advertisers who have participated in the website tag beta. @1800flowers used the tag in its Mother’s Day campaign to implement conversion tracking and build a tailored audience of recent site visitors. They targeted users with Promoted Tweets containing a Website Card, and achieved a cost per acquisition (CPA) significantly lower than their performance goal.

We found the website tag for remarketing to be easy to set up and useful in building an audience of people who had already expressed interest in our products by visiting,” said Craig Shiffrin, Director of Online Marketing. “The remarketing campaigns we ran on Twitter in early May drove the performance we were looking for, and led to a lot of happy moms.

Introducing the website tag for remarketing

Other innovative retailers have found success with the website tag for remarketing. Apparel retailer @Betabrand used it to drive a 63% decrease in cost per acquisition.

Users have privacy choices
While we want to make our ads more useful through tailored audiences, we also want to provide simple and meaningful privacy choices for users. Twitter users can simply uncheck the box next to “Promoted content” in their privacy settings, and Twitter will not match their account to information shared by our advertisers for tailoring ads. Additionally, because Twitter supports Do Not Track (DNT), Twitter does not receive browser-related information (a browser cookie ID) for tailoring ads if users have DNT enabled. And to avoid overly specific targeting, we have a minimum audience size for all tailored audiences. Learn more about our privacy settings on our Help Center

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