Four ways moms connect on Twitter

Friday, 9 May 2014

Moms are master multi-taskers. They juggle kids, partners, jobs, chores, meals, shopping — the list goes on and on. According to our research, they do the same on Twitter.

We conducted the User Profile Study via a short, 10-minute online survey of Twitter users who signed into the platform weekly. The sample was conducted in the U.S. with 1,000 respondents. Just in time for Mother’s Day, here are our first four findings on how moms use Twitter, and tips for keeping the chief household officer engaged year-round.

Four ways moms connect on Twitter

Moms turn to Twitter for a quick, fun escape.

Moms are constantly on the go, running errands and shuttling kids from school to activities and back again. Not surprisingly, most moms access Twitter on the go via their mobile devices (65%). And despite jam-packed schedules, they say they check Twitter at least once a day (69%).

Why do moms turn to Twitter during rare (and precious) moments of “me time”? The top reason they gave: to lift their spirits (72%). Specifically, moms look at Twitter when they need a quick laugh (60%). They also like to spread the joy: 76% said they share funny Tweets.

Advertiser takeaway: In today’s always-connected world, most people turn to their phones for a break from their regular routine. Use Twitter to show off your brand’s humorous side and entertain your followers. Remember to keep the mobile experience in mind: Drive engagement and earned media with lightweight rich media and simple calls to action like LG Electronics with its Mother’s Day #MomConfessions.

Twitter brings moms closer to their social circle.

Moms are connectors. They are often at the social center of a family’s universe, arranging play dates and keeping up with what’s new in the lives of loved ones. This extends to how they use Twitter: 38% of moms follow their children and their friends. Most say they actually feel closer to friends and family whom they follow on Twitter (52%).

Beyond their existing social circle, Twitter offers moms a way to feel closer to like-minded individuals. In fact, most moms say they enjoy connecting with other moms on Twitter (55%) and meeting people with similar interests (69%).

Advertiser takeaway: Bring moms together around shared interests. Find ways to connect them with their own kids during popular cultural moments or breaking news. Create one-to-one interactions through partnerships with brand advocates and Twitter parties like retailer Best Buy with its current #GreatestMom campaign.

Moms use Twitter to keep up with celebrity news.

Twitter gives moms a way not only to keep up with people they know; it also offers access to people they’d like to know. Most moms say that Twitter lets them feel closer to celebrities (61%). After all, Tweets give personal, real-time glimpses into the lives of stars.

That’s likely why moms say that Twitter is better than magazines for celebrity gossip (59%). Another unique advantage Twitter gives users: the ever-present potential for a two-way conversation with a famous person. In fact, 67% of moms say that having a celebrity retweet them would “make their day.” In fact, many have called the Retweet the new autograph.

Advertiser takeaway: Engage moms around popular celebrity content like red carpet events, TV shows and breaking news. Offer access to celebs through Twitter chats. Partner with popular influencers like PBS did to drive tune in for its “Half the Sky” documentary.


Moms on Twitter expect to interact with brands.

Moms play an active role in most household purchasing decisions. This makes them savvy shoppers buying go-to products that they trust to fulfill their family’s needs. Moms reflect these brand affinities on Twitter.

Specifically, moms say they follow brands on Twitter that they like or love (73%). And moms don’t just expect to hear from the brands they follow. Most moms expect to be able to interact with brands on Twitter (72%).

Advertiser takeaway: Be responsive: Moms expect brands to respond to them on Twitter. Offer moms useful content in your Tweets. Share previews of upcoming products on Twitter and reward loyalty by tweeting out special discount codes. Give moms a way to participate with your brand like Kenneth Cole Productions did during New York Fashion Week.

Bottom line

We found that moms use Twitter to be entertained, connect with the people they care about and interact with their favorite brands. Remember, moms are highly mobile, so focus on quick, entertaining content that offers them a break from the daily grind or provides useful information that makes their lives a little easier. And most importantly, offer moms a way to actively interact with your brand. It’s not just a best practice — it’s what today’s mom expects.