Expanding geo-targeting options

Thursday, 1 May 2014

We introduced geo-targeting to help marketers successfully meet their local advertising objectives on Twitter. Based on positive feedback, we’ve since expanded our geo-targeting capabilities to additional locations, including state/region targeting in Brazil and Canada, as well as postal code targeting in the U.S.

And today, we’re announcing a significant expansion to our geo-targeting capabilities, with the addition of state/region targeting in eight countries: Australia, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands and the UK. 

Now available: country-level targeting in more than 200 countries and granular geo-targeting in 12 countries.

Advertisers across the world have been using geo-targeting to precisely target the most relevant audience for tangible results. A few examples:

Shochiku Geino (@ShochikuSchoolT), a performing arts school in Japan, uses metro-level geo-targeting to reach nearby users in metros like Tokyo and Osaka. The school tweets tuition discount offers and alumni testimonials to drive new enrollments. Combining metro targeting with a compelling content strategy has resulted in engagement rates as high as 15.4% in the brand’s recent Promoted Tweets campaign. “We usually target our Promoted Tweets to users on mobile devices only, and we always geo-target to places near our school locations,” says Yuki Yoshikawa, Shochiku Geino’s Manager of Marketing. Yoshikawa adds:

We’ve found that Twitter’s real-time mobile environment provides an effective way to interest prospective students.

Lopes (@Lopes_Imoveis), an online real estate brokerage in Brazil, frequently uses state-level targeting to reach prospects in key markets. By using Promoted Tweets with Lead Generation Cards to users interested in real estate and financial news, the Lopes team has seen an engagement rate over 4% and a new set of highly qualified leads.

YPlan (@YPlan) is a UK-based app service that offers Londoners a curated list of local nightlife events. To drive app downloads, YPlan ran a Promoted Tweets campaign to mobile users in London and saw 10x the number of downloads from Twitter compared to other mobile advertising channels. ”Twitter’s targeting options allowed us to reach different audiences with relevant, customized messages,” said Rachael Tasker, Marketing Director at YPlan. Tasker also notes:

This helped us drive our business forward at a pivotal moment in our company’s development.

Bar Louie (@BarLouie) is a U.S. restaurant collection with 80 locations in the midwest and on the east coast. They leveraged metro targeting effectively to build awareness for in-restaurant events. “We used Twitter to promote our 6th annual #RockTheTot tater tot eating competition,” says Heather Story, Bar Louie’s digital marketing manager. Further, Story explains:

It was the most successful #RockTheTot yet, and we credit Twitter and Twitter Ads for helping build local awareness and drive restaurant visits at each of our locations during the event. I attribute a big part of our success to our #RockTheTot hashtag, and to the Promoted Accounts we’ve geo-targeted to metros like Dallas, Boston and Chicago.

We’re excited about how expanded geo-targeting options will enable global Twitter advertisers to better reach their target audiences. To learn more about our targeting capabilities, visit this Help Center article.