Easier tools to create and manage native ads via MoPub

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

When @MoPub launched native ads last year, our goal was to give mobile app publishers the opportunity to create custom ad experiences that match an app’s look and feel without custom technical work. Today, with the integration of Namo Media’s technology, we’re announcing a new set of features that make it easier for publishers to create and manage native ads from any advertiser via MoPub.

Easier tools to create and manage native ads via MoPub

MoPub’s new location control features is the first tools that lets you find the perfect mix of content and ads for your app simply and quickly. You can now choose the position of your ads and how often an ad appears in your content stream directly in the MoPub UI. This means you can experiment with ads in new and different parts of your app and see the results on your revenue immediately, without any engineering work or waiting for user app updates. We believe this gives publishers a better opportunity to balance content with ads tailored for their app – without compromising on revenue or the user experience.

Easier tools to create and manage native ads via MoPubPopular social app Keek uses MoPub’s location controls to see an impact on its revenue. ”Being able to change the ad targeting and ad location without any app updates means we can experiment with ad placements and ad load without interrupting the user experience,” said Bill Blummer, SVP of Monetization and Sales Solutions at Keek. “With a few clicks, we can see how our ad revenue and user engagement is affected immediately.”

These location control features are a part of MoPub’s full stack platform for native ads, which enables you to work directly with advertisers, connect with thousands of high quality native advertisers through MoPub Marketplace, work with multiple native ad networks, or run your own promotional native ads.

For more information, check out the MoPub blog post or contact [email protected].