Drone selfies at #CannesLions: Day 2

Monday, 16 June 2014

Bonjour from France! This is our second recap from the Cannes Lions festival, and today was filled with excitement as our @dronie activation took off in earnest.

We have several drones flying high at Cannes this week, capturing unique video “dronies” (drone selfies) of festival attendees from above. Our drones are creating two types of clips: dronies with a wide view of Cannes and “space dronies,” which zoom in from outer space. Here are a few of our favorites from today:

Wall Street Journal reporter Suzanne Vranica (@vranicawsj) starred in our first space #dronie along with Joel Lunenfeld (@joell) and Will Stickney (@willstick).

We stopped by the Global SMG dinner and captured two awesome clips (click through to see the full videos).

We’re also creating special Vine videos for the Cannes Lions Grand Prix winners. Here are two from tonight:

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Bonne nuit!