Comcast's X1 highlights shows buzzing on Twitter

Friday, 9 May 2014

Every day millions of Twitter users discuss in real time what’s happening on TV. In this way, Twitter is a window into what the world is watching on TV at any time.

Because of the relationship between Twitter and TV, we’ve partnered with Comcast on SEEit, and now we’re working together to integrate Twitter directly into Comcast’s next generation TV platform, the X1 set-top box. As X1 customers scroll through the channel guide, a Twitter logo will appear next to the name of any TV show or movie currently trending on Twitter. In addition to surfacing trending on Twitter TV shows within the standard channel guide, X1 customers will be able to filter programming based on what’s trending on Twitter and tune in to those programs directly from that view.

We’re excited to expand our relationship with Comcast in order to create new Twitter experiences for users of the X1 that closely links TV conversations on Twitter and real-time tuning options for viewers. Read more from Comcast here.