@Cinemax tweets special footage during #Banshee premiere

Thursday, 30 January 2014

For its second season premiere, the @Cinemax show #Banshee used on-air prompts to encourage fans to tune in to Twitter before, during and after the episode for added features.

Tweeting the origin stories

During a scene in the January 10 premiere, the network replaced the #Banshee hashtag that was running on air with #BansheeOrigins. At that precise moment in the scene, @Cinemax tweeted a video of the scene’s prequel with the hashtag #BansheeOrigins.

For those who missed the live Tweet, a bumper ran on-air after the episode, prompting fans to get more of the story on Twitter by searching #BansheeOrigins.

@Cinemax will tweet prequel videos in real time throughout the season.

Then in its January 17 episode, #Banshee offered fans the chance to learn about another character’s origin story:

Live-tweeting from the cast

The stars and producers of #Banshee were also live-tweeting the premiere. Showrunner @GregYaitanes started things off:

Some of the actors mentioned each other via Tweet, broadening their fan bases. For instance, Ryann Shane (@rainyshaney) tweeted at her character’s mom, @ivanamilicevic:

…and Hoon Lee (@MisterHoonLee) commented on cast member @FrankieFaison’s acting.

@Cinemax gave the talent greater exposure by retweeting these posts. The day they did, the account saw a 66% increase in new followers from its daily average this year, according to Twitter internal data.

Since the season premiere, @Cinemax has created a Twitter list of the cast and crew to make it easier for fans to find and follow #Banshee Tweets.

Promotional tweeting

@Cinemax also promoted the origin Tweets and cast live-tweeting ahead of time: Leading into the episode was an on-air promo that encouraged fans to tweet with the cast and crew using #Banshee. @Cinemax was also active on Twitter, alerting fans to watch and follow the account. The network tweeted a call to action to watch the show when it began.

Cinemax also tweeted Vine videos throughout the day to build buzz around the premiere.

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