Busy Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins #Daytona500, joins Twitter

Thursday, 27 February 2014

After winning the #Daytona500 on Sunday, Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@DaleJr) stopped the car and hopped on Twitter for the first time.

Driving fans were clearly enthused about this move, as he gained nearly 300,000 followers in his first three days on the platform. Once on Twitter, the party was already happening — literally, for him, as his big win was the buzz on Twitter. And now, he’s clearly enjoying the fun: he tweeted a photo of a food truck along with a number of selfies. And on Tuesday, he used his time on an airplane to hold a Twitter Q&A.

Earnhardt is a quick learner. @DaleJr followed all the best practices for a Twitter Q&A. He gave an update on the time of the chat, and tweeted again when he was ready to go. He replied to the questions with a period before the username, so everyone could see his Tweet as well as the question.

One fan asked him what he thinks of Twitter so far. He responded:

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