Answers: now available for free to measure app installs on Twitter

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Earlier this year, we launched mobile app promotion, a new way for advertisers to drive cost-effective mobile app installs on Twitter. As thousands of advertisers used this product suite, many leveraged our robust ecosystem of mobile measurement partners to gain visibility into their conversion metrics. Over the past few months, we’ve heard tremendous demand for a free, basic solution for measuring app installs on Twitter. Today we’re excited to announce that Answers is now available as a free mobile measurement tool for those who want to track promoted and organic app installs driven by Twitter.

Answers is a part of Fabric, Twitter’s mobile platform, and provides real-time, optimized app analytics. Advertisers can start measuring installs from Twitter by integrating Fabric into their iOS or Android app, and choosing the Crashlytics Kit. In addition to this free solution, we will continue to recommend our existing mobile measurement partners, which are ideal for advertisers who want to track conversions across multiple channels and measure lifetime value, while offering Answers for advertisers who simply want to track conversions attributed to Twitter for free.

Answers: now available for free to measure app installs on Twitter

During beta testing, app marketers such as calendar app @upto used Answers to track installs and optimize their Twitter Ad campaigns.

“Answers gave us the analytics to track thousands of installs for free from our mobile app promotion campaigns and helped us meet our cost-per-acquisition goals.” — Greg Schwartz Co-Founder & CEO, UpTo

Another beta tester, @path, used organic App Cards to harness the sharing activity of their users to drive free installs and mobile app promotion to drive paid installs.

“We love having the free mobile measurement solution from Fabric to track both app installs driven by our users sharing content on Twitter, as well as app installs we drove through Twitter Ads. This solution gave us the visibility to track the 100,000+ installs we drove via Twitter in November” — Ana Larue, Marketing Manager, Path

To view the installs driven by their organic user activity, advertisers like Path can visit their card analytics, and thereby fully understand the impact Twitter has on the free distribution of their app.

Answers: now available for free to measure app installs on Twitter

We are excited for more mobile app developers to begin taking advantage of this solution. To get started, login to or and setup Answers using the self-serve setup in the conversion tracking tab. You can also visit our help center to learn more about using Answers as a mobile measurement solution.